Woke up, it was a Chelsea Morning…

Hello there! Hey, thanks for comin’ over to check out the new blog. I’ve been wanting to create something with a little bit more of a focus on the actual music (considering I was already starting to lean that way with Blogger). And so I really felt I needed a new space for these musings.

I’m not sure exactly what you’ll see for the first official post, but I’ve been given some GREAT ideas!

Steve, thanks for all your ideas and links for Zappa and Project Object 🙂 I’m excited to share and listen to that stuff again tonight with Dave.

Stan, I would absolutely LOVE for you to send me some of your music! And I will let you know if I need a co-author for this page. I just want to get it off the ground first. I think you’ll see some interesting things…

Ali, thank you SO much for putting the idea of world music in my head. I promise you, girl, I’ve been checking some things out. 🙂

And my brother, David, you are always an inspiration when it comes to me and music as my drug of choice… thank you

I’ll post soon. I promise. Welcome!


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