when you just can’t seem to let it go…

First, I would like to say this is a song written and originally performed by Leslie Feist. However, when I found this cover (these guys were going by Redtrack at the time) I liked it much better for this post. Being inspired to post something relating to an upset feeling over family this afternoon, I sought out a song to accompany my words. Seemingly the new standard by which I form my posts here and on wordpress.

What does this song say to you? I have been accused of relating to and learning more about artists whose lyrics most often speak of romantic love. While that may be the case — and it is quite possible that is what Feist originally meant in her lyrics — I felt it perfect to express the feeling I have today for someone I know as family who regards me with the warmth she’d have for any stranger on the street. Giving the occasional tease that there might still be a relationship. That the bare minimum of communication is sufficient for adult sisters and friends. That’s alright. I love, I love, I love… the trouble that you give me. Not really.


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