this year is gonna be incredible!

Wow, so to think that this daily prompt only asks us to share what we hope to accomplish in a single year… well for me, the things I hope to accomplish through the use of this blog and other formats might take a bit longer than a year to show any decent improvement. We’ll see.

Honestly, I truly hope in time that I’ll be sharing my life and work with all of you as MORE of a professional writer – one that makes a bit of a living from her work. The work toward a writing degree at Kutztown that I started back in 2009 came to a rather abrupt hault in 2011. A minor in Public Relations was to accompany that Professional Writing major. However, at this point I know much less about writing for PR than I had expected. And unfortunately, I am not sure how soon I can get back to Kutztown 😦

Another bit of progress I might hope to attain kind of takes me in a different direction. As you have all hopefully figured out, music is kind of a big deal with me. So… in a year, if I could somehow get back to being a dj in local radio, that would be a DREAM. Although, another music related goal I have set for myself might, also, mean that I could start writing and performing my own music. Or at very least figure out this guitar of mine and start hitting some of the open mics where several friends perform 🙂 Then, maybe occasionally you would see videos of me instead of Stevie or Neko or Joni. But I will always absolutely adore those women… for the way their writing and voices and styles have had such a huge influence on what I want to be when I grow up 🙂

So wish me luck!

Photo on 1-2-14 at 3.48 PM


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