when you just can’t seem to let it go…

First, I would like to say this is a song written and originally performed by Leslie Feist. However, when I found this cover (these guys were going by Redtrack at the time) I liked it much better for this post. Being inspired to post something relating to an upset feeling over family this afternoon, I sought out a song to accompany my words. Seemingly the new standard by which I form my posts here and on wordpress.

What does this song say to you? I have been accused of relating to and learning more about artists whose lyrics most often speak of romantic love. While that may be the case — and it is quite possible that is what Feist originally meant in her lyrics — I felt it perfect to express the feeling I have today for someone I know as family who regards me with the warmth she’d have for any stranger on the street. Giving the occasional tease that there might still be a relationship. That the bare minimum of communication is sufficient for adult sisters and friends. That’s alright. I love, I love, I love… the trouble that you give me. Not really.


Who schooled me? It took almost a village!

Tonight I was asked by a friend if I had gone to school for music. In a way, this sort of surprised me. Very seldom does anyone make mention to me of the origin of my musical knowledge that spans genres and decades beyond what one would expect of an early 30-something. I’ve had a few tell me that I am, indeed, more up on music than they are. Personally, these statements are nothing for which I’ve asked. And I certainly don’t need to hear them. Music has been there for me for a long time. Music took center stage for me in so many situations.

It was a long ride to mom’s house on the turnpike. I was four years old. Counting the tall lamps along the way. Getting lost in the nighttime ballads on Warm 103. George Michael.

Further into the 80s, despite FM and cassettes being mostly how my dad listened to music, I still couldn’t stop bugging him to listen to vinyl after the first time I heard the needle drop. I even started buying vinyl myself at the flea market just to say this is “ours! Let’s go home and play it!” The golden cover of the Grand Funk album in a nice sleeve.

Hearing my mother sing in the car as we zoomed around the curves down to the quarry. She sounded just like Mary Wells! And sometimes like Bonnie, too.

Even now in sobriety, the itch to find an unoccupied jukebox sometimes overwhelms me. If I ask you what you want to hear and you say, “Play whatever,” I will ask the person next to you. I am a DJ for the people. And people who truly know me these days call me that, years after being off the air.

Listening to music now is so much sweeter. That I can dance without a drink and without a care. And I can go to a show solo and stand in front of the stage in the pouring rain. Because I love when you play your covers of “Band on The Run” and “Don’t Change”.

Today I pulled out some of my dad’s old vinyl. Always an exhilarating experience, save for the fact that I still do not have a turntable. Albums that have been around for decades still feel like the new shoes (every time) that I was not allowed to wear out of the store. Currently listening to something I don’t have on vinyl anyhow. Does anyone have “Waiting for Columbus”? Oh please, oh please… I’ll be your Tennessee Lamb!


If only…

A while back, I had posted a comment on Facebook about having found an old playlist from my brief time on WXLV. A friend of mine, who was also a DJ for the station, commented that I should send him a copy. Well, Stan, maybe this’ll do ya 🙂

I can’t even begin to explain how much I miss being on the air. The joy I felt each Saturday morning and Sunday evening for four months. The planning and prep for my show, “Radio Nowhere” – I’m sure there must have been an easier way…

These days, the closest thing I’ve found to creating unique playlists for radio is with 8tracks.com. This time around, I created a 24 track list to show what my desired format would be like if I could get back into radio, sort of classic rock, singer-songwriter, interesting contemporary americana/alternative.


Do me a favor? Head on over to that link and listen straight through as best as you can. Meanwhile, here I’ll explain why I chose some of the tunes that I chose. Some of the songs will not be a surprise if you had ever tuned into my show, or if you know me at all even 🙂 Sort of an updated “Radio Nowhere” playlist. I just wanna hear some rhythm…

2. Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Stories We Could Tell – Always the Petty fan, I love Pack Up The Plantation. I like how this tells the story of the stories any artist could retell from time spent on the road. And if you ever wonder why you ride this carousel…”

8. Dylan LeBlanc, I Don’t Wanna Know – Within the past few months, I have acquired not one, but TWO Rumours tribute albums. This young guy hales from Louisiana and his rendition of this Fleetwood Mac tune really wows me more every time I hear it. This particular album came from Mojo Magazine.

14. Bonnie Raitt, Streetlights – This title track from the album of the same name became a favorite of mine almost immediately upon hearing it. I got into Bonnie a bit in the late 80s, early 90s when I found that my parents had been into her music and had seen her play live when they first got together. Last year what the first time I got to see her perform. I knew I needed to know more of her catalog than her radio hits. I get a different meaning from this song with every listen.

21. Badger Cannon, The Susquehanna – This song comes from a band whose front man and lead guitarist I know from school. He and his band mates do their jammin’ in the Knoxville area… and yet this rocker speaks of the river near where we grew up in Southern PA. My favorite off Tall Tales, Vol. 1 http://www.reverbnation.com/badgercannon

23 and 24. Jackson Browne, The Load Out and Stay. These are two songs I would almost always play together. It doesn’t feel right for me to leave either as a stand alone, and it really pains me to hear that done on the radio… especially when it’s The Load Out that abruptly cuts out into… ???

Well, I hope that you enjoy the playlist. Unfortunately, 8tracks only allows so many skips (sorry). So let me know what you think.





Thought that you could outrun sorrow…

Here I am tonight, with a tear in my metaphorical beer. Actually, quite a few tears…

This song by Neko Case is one that I’ve loved since the first time I heard it. The song, in my opinion, seems to kick the listener’s ass and say, “Get your shit together already!”

But tonight as I listened to it, along with “Fire and Rain” by Sweet Baby James and “Over You” by Miranda Lambert, all I could think about was the tin roof and the alarming sounds and how could none of us see what was going on with a young man so close to us. It seemed that he was doing so well with his recovery and merely feeling the typical holiday strain with which many of us are dealing. I didn’t think I’d ever be dedicating a blog post to the passing of anyone, let alone such a young man.

J, I just wanted to be by your side a little longer. I didn’t think you leave the room altogether. Miss you already ❤

Woke up, it was a Chelsea Morning…

Hello there! Hey, thanks for comin’ over to check out the new blog. I’ve been wanting to create something with a little bit more of a focus on the actual music (considering I was already starting to lean that way with Blogger). And so I really felt I needed a new space for these musings.

I’m not sure exactly what you’ll see for the first official post, but I’ve been given some GREAT ideas!

Steve, thanks for all your ideas and links for Zappa and Project Object 🙂 I’m excited to share and listen to that stuff again tonight with Dave.

Stan, I would absolutely LOVE for you to send me some of your music! And I will let you know if I need a co-author for this page. I just want to get it off the ground first. I think you’ll see some interesting things…

Ali, thank you SO much for putting the idea of world music in my head. I promise you, girl, I’ve been checking some things out. 🙂

And my brother, David, you are always an inspiration when it comes to me and music as my drug of choice… thank you

I’ll post soon. I promise. Welcome!