Feist – The Limit to Your Love

So apparently the cover I posted didn’t cover the entire song. Ooops.


Thought that you could outrun sorrow…

Here I am tonight, with a tear in my metaphorical beer. Actually, quite a few tears…

This song by Neko Case is one that I’ve loved since the first time I heard it. The song, in my opinion, seems to kick the listener’s ass and say, “Get your shit together already!”

But tonight as I listened to it, along with “Fire and Rain” by Sweet Baby James and “Over You” by Miranda Lambert, all I could think about was the tin roof and the alarming sounds and how could none of us see what was going on with a young man so close to us. It seemed that he was doing so well with his recovery and merely feeling the typical holiday strain with which many of us are dealing. I didn’t think I’d ever be dedicating a blog post to the passing of anyone, let alone such a young man.

J, I just wanted to be by your side a little longer. I didn’t think you leave the room altogether. Miss you already ❤